Dr. Pamela Fox

Mary Baldwin College

The Presidential Oath of Office

(Administered to Dr. Pamela Fox by Claire Lewis Arnold, chair of the Board of Trustees)

Chair: Dr. Fox, as the president of Mary Baldwin College, do you pledge to honor its traditions and encourage its creativity?

President: I do. I pledge to further the college's mission of providing a transforming liberal arts education that prepares students for a lifetime of learning.

Chair: Are you committed to fostering an empowering, inclusive educational environment?

President: I am. I pledge to stress the value of individuals for their contributions to the community as a whole. I will encourage leadership among students, faculty and staff and promote multicultural education that draws on the originality and courage of this institution.

Chair: Will you strive to connect the college with the larger community?

President: I will. I pledge to seek out partnerships with other private and public institutions to position Mary Baldwin as an active participant in the arena of higher education. I will strengthen students' preparation for global citizenship through outreach and community service learning.

Chair: Then, by virtue of my authority as chair of the Board of Trustees on this second day of April 2004 and in the 162nd year of this institution, I formally declare you installed as the president of Mary Baldwin College with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities it carries.

President: I accept the charge to become the ninth president of Mary Baldwin College with pride, excitement and respect. I will, to the best of my abilities, dedicate myself to the support, encouragement and maturity of this college so that its community may be nurtured well in mind, body and character.

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