International Economics and Business

Why study international economics and business?

To prepare for working in a global economy
The MBC international economics and business major prepares students for careers in businesses involved in importing or exporting goods and services, financial institutions dealing with foreign currencies, and not-for-profit organizations involved in foreign aid and diplomacy.

To develop reasoning skills
International economics and business majors learn how to think through problems, compare alternatives, make decisions, offer solutions, and take charge.

To master data analysis
International economics and business majors learn how to understand, use, and question statistical and financial data. They gain considerable experience in downloading data from the Internet, forming meaningful ratios, plotting graphs, using spreadsheet and statistical software, and writing technical reports.

To become aware of sustainability concepts and initiatives
The business department at MBC has made a very intentional shift to include study of sustainability concepts and practices throughout courses in the curriculum. Business courses will help students understand how sustainability initiatives can benefit society on both a global and local basis. Select courses will provide an applied component as well.

To prepare for the MBA
The international economics and business major is an excellent springboard for the MBA. A Business Week survey showed that the most common undergraduate majors of MBA graduates earning more than $100,000 were engineering and economics.

To prepare for a viable career
The Bureau of Labor statistics considers economics one of the more flexible majors because the analytical skills developed in that major can be applied in numerous occupations.

To understand the current economic crisis and its international context
We are facing the worst financial crisis and possibly the worst economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Although the roots of this crisis lie with a housing bubble and lax credit policies in the USA, the effects are felt worldwide because massive global lending and American borrowing from abroad fed the expansion of the bubble. The international economics and business major lays a strong foundation for understanding the crisis and judging the policy options for ending the crisis.

$ Money $
Economics and business majors earn more than students from almost any other undergraduate major.

College Major
of recent BA grads
Average Starting Salary
Sept 2008
Economics (business/managerial) $51,062
Business Administration/Management $46, 171
Political Science/Government $38,844
Sociology $35,434
Psychology $34,095

Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers Salary Survey