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Mary Hill Cole

Dr. Mary Hill Cole

  • BA James Madison University (history)
  • MA, PhD University of Virginia (history)

Dr. Mary Hill Cole is professor of history and current chair of the history department. She received her PhD in English history at the University of Virginia. She teaches undergraduate courses in English history, modern European history, and women’s history. In the graduate MLitt/MFA Shakespeare in Performance program, she teaches courses in Tudor-Stuart political, religious, and social history. Her book, The Portable Queen: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Ceremony, was published by the University of Massachusetts Press in 1999. She has published articles on Elizabethan progresses in Douglas F. Rutledge, ed., “Ceremony and Text in the Renaissance” (University of Delaware Press,1996); Carole Levin, Jo Eldridge Carney and Debra Barrett-Graves, eds., “Elizabeth I: Always Her Own Free Woman” (Ashgate, 2003); and Jayne Elisabeth Archer, Elizabeth Goldring, and Sarah Knight, eds., “The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I” (Oxford University Press, 2007). Her article, “Maternal Memory: Elizabeth Tudor’s Anne Boleyn” will appear in an anthology, “Elizabeth I and the ‘Sovereign Arts’: Essays in Literature, History, and Culture”, forthcoming in 2009. She also is the Mary Baldwin director of the Virginia Program at Oxford.

Judy Klein

Judy KleinJudy L. Klein has a PhD in economics from London Guildhall University, an MS in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BA in Economics from the College of William and Mary. Her research interests include the history of economic statistics; she is the author of Statistical Visions in Time: A History of Time Series Analysis 1662-1938, published by Cambridge University Press, and co-editor of The Age of Economic Measurement, published by Duke University Press. Dr. Klein is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and has received research grants from the National Science Foundation and National Humanities Center.
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Daniel Métraux

Daniel A. Métraux, professor of Asian Studies, has been teaching in his field in college for 30 years, 24 at MBC. His specialty is modern Japan and China, but he teaches a full spectrum of Asian Studies courses. Métraux is the author of 14 books, many book chapters, and articles on the field. He serves as editor of the Southeast Review of Asian Studiesand the Virginia Review of Asian Studies.Twice a Fulbright scholar, he has lived, taught, and studied in Japan for five years. He received his doctorate in East Asian Studies from Columbia University. He has also taught at Doshisha Women’s College in Japan and was a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University in 2002.Daniel Métraux’s website: