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Monique BurgessPeer Mentor Profile – Monique Burgess

Year of Graduation: 2014
Major: Social Work
Minor: Civic Engagement
Career Goals: Obtain a degree in social work:

  • To help others achieve their full potential
  • To help others find good resources to use
  • To help others adjust to society

Classes taken at MBC: ENGLISH 100, 102
                                    MATH 130, 150
                                    SOCIAL WORK 153
                                    BIOLOGY OF WOMEN (WS 252)
                                    HISTORY 112
                                    COMMUNITY SERVICE (PHIL 140)
                                    SOCIOLOGY 100
                                    INFORMATION LITERACY
Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Engish and sociology


            Sport: Football
            Hobby: Talking
            Song: “Forever Jones”–Adoration
            Color: Orange
            Food: Punch Bowl Cake
            Book: The Great Gatsby 
            Movie: “Love and Basketball
            Actor: Morris Chestnut
            Actress: Gabrielle Union


            Hometown: Salisbury, MD
            Siblings: 4
            Favorite Trips: Florida