Peer Mentor Profile – Aeriel Woods

woods_aerielYear of graduation: 2017
Major: Psychology and Vocal Performance
Minor: Education
Career Goals: Clinical Psychologist, perform at the Met, musical therapist, school counselor, and music teacher

Classes taken at MBC: CE 102, PSYC 101, PSYC 101, ENG 100, ENG 102, MUS 111, MUS 112, MUS 126 B, MUS 141, MUS 106, SPAN 101, SPAN 102

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Music, English, some math


Sport: Soccer
Hobby: Singing, writing, acting, and beading jewelry
Band: Blood, Sweat, and Tears; Paramore; The Beatles; The Fray
Song: Can’t decide!
Color: Purple
Food: Any seafood and Italian food
Book: Love Sick by Jake Coburn
Movie: I like watching period movies, documentaries of artists like Bob Dylan, comedies, and musicals of course!
Actor: Jake Gyllenhal; Matt Damon; Oscar Isaac
Actress: Viola Davis; Julia Roberts; Amy Adams; Meryl Streep; Taraji P. Henson


Hometown: Newport News, VA
Siblings: Ayzia (One year younger than I am, and is attending Liberty University, fall 2014! SO proud of her!)
Pets: A Golden Retriever named Maxine
Favorite trips: 8th Grade summer trip to San Diego to visit my uncle and his family; road trip to Sanford, Florida to visit my Great Aunt Ruth, who was 106 years old