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Peer Mentor Profile – Amanda Slemaker

Year of Graduation: 2016

Major: Business for a Sustainable Future

Minor: Management

Career Goals: To be a sustainability manager for a larger business.

Classes taken at MBC: SPAN 201; ENG 102; BUAD 100; HIST 111; PHIL 102; BUAD 230; BUAD 220; MATH 159; REL 221; ARTH 103; ECON 150; INT 102

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Business courses, composition, and history




Sport: Soccer

Hobby: Reading

Band: Coldplay

Song: “Fly Like a Bird” by Mariah Carey

Color: Green

Food: Pasta

Book: The Kite Runner

Movie: Chocolat

Actor: Tom Hardy

Actress: Jennifer Lawrence




Siblings: Two younger sisters and a younger brother.

Pets: My cat named Kisa!

Favorite Trips: My trip sailing in the British Virgin Islands with my grandfather and my  fun trips to Jamaica with my grandparents.