Peer Mentor Profile – Bibianna Santana

santana_bibiannaYear of graduation: 2017
Major: Criminal Justice and Political Science
Minor: Sociology
Career Goals: District Attorney/Prosecutor

Classes taken at MBC: Intro. To Ethics, Philosophy, American Government and Politics, Intro. To Criminal Justice, Police Response and Defense, Criminology, Public Speaking, Forensic Chemistry, Intermediate English 102B, Film Analysis, Taking the Liberal Arts to Work, Fitness, and Survey of US History to 1877.

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Criminal Justice and Political Science


Sport: Swimming
Hobby: Exercising
Band: Banda de los Recodos
Song: Te Presumo
Color: Red
Food: Pizza
Book: “The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary”- Anne Catherine Emmerich
Movie: “Lone Survivor”
Actor: Robert DiNero
Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt


Hometown: La Junta, Colorado
Siblings: Jezmin Herrera, Mireya Santana, and Jesus Manuel Paniagua
Pets: Luna (chihuahua)
Favorite trips: Mexico