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Peer Mentor Profile – Charleen Frederick

Year of Graduation: 2016

Major: Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship

Minor: Education and Human Resource Management

Career Goals: To become a successful entrepreneur who has a positive impact on


Classes taken at MBC: BUAD 100; BUAD 230; BUAD 260; EDUC 115; EDUC 120; ENG 102; THEA 105; MATH 159 (College Algebra); PHIL 202; PSYC 211; INT 103..

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Any business and education course



Sport: Volleyball and tennis

Hobby: Shopping, interacting with friends, travelling, eating, and overall having a good time

Band: Forever Jones

Song: Too many to choose from

Color: PINK

Food: Lasagna, mashed potatoes, French fries & fried chicken

Book: The Difference Marker

Movie: Cinderella & Princess Diaries

Actor: None in particular

Actress: None in particular



Siblings: 4 (3 sisters, 1 brother)

Pets: One dog

Favorite Trips: New York, England, Canada, and exotic places.