Peer Mentor Profile – Chelsey Hensley

Year of graduation: 2016

Major: Social Work

Minor: Sociology

Career Goals: Masters in Social Work, career in Social Work field, preferably working with children and youth

Classes taken at MBC: SOWK 153; SOWK  251; SOC 100; REL 202; MATH 159;  CE 102; PHIL 101; ARTH 277; CHEM 101


Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Social Work and sociology



             Sport: Track (I ran hurdles in high school)

            Hobby: Reading

            Band: Coldplay

            Song: No favorites

            Color: Green

            Food: Cupcakes

            Book: The Great Gatsby

            Movie: The Notebook

            Actor: Ryan Gosling

            Actress: Cameron Diaz



             Hometown: Staunton, VA

            Siblings: One older sister

            Pets: Two cats, Buster and Mr. Meowgi

            Favorite trips: Beach trips; hiking trips