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Peer Mentor Profile – Kiara Nicholson

Year of Graduation: 2016
Major: Biology
Minor: Mathematics ( not declared as yet)
Career Goals: Veterinarian
Classes taken at MBC: Beginning Horseback Riding, BIOL 100; BIOL 112; BIOL 145; MATH 155; MATH 159; ENG 100; ENG 102; HIST 102; PSYC 111; INT 103

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Biology, English, and mathematics


Sport: Volleyball
Hobby: Traveling
Band: Fun
Song: “Thinking About You”- Frank Ocean
Color: Red
Food: Trinidad Caribbean Roti
Book: Safe Haven
Movie: Silver Linings Play Book
Actor: Tom Hardy
Actress: Megan Good


Siblings: 5 siblings on my dad’s side
Pets: Two cats
Favorite Trips: Trip to the Caribbean (Tobago)