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Peer Mentor Profile – Sammantha Grzyb

grzyb_sammanthaYear of graduation: 2017
Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Art History and Management

Career Goals: To be a Typography/Design Manager

Classes taken at MBC: Intro to Education, Fundamentals of Art and Design I and II, Personal Finance, Child Psychology, French Food Culture, Info Literacy, Ancient Art, Ballroom, Silkscreen, Fitness, Management Principles

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: I’m great at time management and organizing. Academically, I am strong in writing and history. I enjoy learning new things and can remember a lot of new introduced information.


Sport: Football
Hobby: Making art/being creative/baking
Band: Plain white T’s
Song: “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Deathcab for Cutie
Color: BLUE!
Food: Anything spicy and flavorful.
Book: The Great Gatsby
Movie: I Love You, Man
Actor: Paul Rudd; Channing Tatum
Actress: Emma Stone; Jennifer Lawrence


Hometown: Winchester, VA (I was born outside of Chicago, IL)
Siblings: 2, a younger brother and a younger sister
Pets: A dog named Rocket
Favorite trips: When I was in high school, I was first chair clarinet in symphonic band and got to travel and play in Chicago Symphony Hall, the Lincoln Center in NYC, and in the musical festival in Disney World, FL. Those were the best trips and experiences of my life.