Peer Mentor Profile – Tralen Neal

Peer Mentor Profile – Tralen Neal

Year of Graduation: 2016
Major: Biology with an emphasis in biomedical science
Minor: African American Studies
Career Goals: Trauma physician

Classes taken at MBC: BIOL 111/112/224/245/252/361; MATH 159/171/211/212; MUS 100; INT 103/104; ENG 102; HIST 101/265; SPAN 101/102/ 201/202; SGS 263

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: English, biology, algebra, African American Studies, and history


Sport: Basketball
Hobby: Getting nails done
Band: No favorite
Song: Anything by Drake and Whitney Houston
Color: Pink
Food: Pizza
Book: Beloved
Movie: Too many to count
Actor: Idris Elba
Actress: Kimberly Elise


Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Siblings: 2 brothers and 2 sisters
Pets: None
Favorite Trips: Anywhere that I can have fun and share the experience with my family and friends