Peer Mentor Profile – Virginia Banda-Garcia

Peer Mentor Profile – Virginia Banda-Garcia

Year of graduation: 2016

Major: Psychology

Minor: Spanish

Career Goals: Criminal or Child Psychologist

Classes taken at MBC: SPAN 127; PSYC 111; SOC 254; MATH 159;  PHE 146;  INT 103;  AS 246; CHEM 101; PSYC 101; ENG 102, PHIL 103

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Spanish, math, psychology


Sport: Soccer

Hobby: Music

Band: Maroon 5

Song: “Suit and Tie’ by Justin Timberlake

Color: Pink

Food: Tacos

Book: The Hunger Games

Movie: Gone With the Wind,  and Silver Linings Playbook

Actor: Robert Downey Jr.

Actress: Jennifer Lawrence


Hometown: Richmond

Siblings: One younger brother named Jose

Pets: None

Favorite trips: Going to Virginia Beach