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Tips from Students and Professors

“I advise students who are interested in improving their grades to find out about and use the SQ3R Method. I briefly explain the methods, and if they want to know specifics I give them a copy. If a student does use the method, and it demands motivation and time, her grades are going to go up. In my experience, those few students who use the method religiously always get A’s on their tests.”
Dave Cary, Professor of Sociology

“I know that lots of students have trouble with the Intro. Biology course, but I don’t have any ‘unusual’ study tips. I guess the one thing I tell them is to follow the logic of what they’re reading – after every section or paragraph, stop and ask themselves if they understand why an experiment worked as it did or why and how a certain conclusion was reached. Basically, try to read with an emphasis on seeing cause-and-effect.”
Jackie Beals, Professor of Biology

“Reread notes
within 24 hours of taking them.”
Janeen Pettus ’01

“Read section once, then skim it again and take notes.”
Erika Wendt ’01