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Tips From Students & Professors

“One of the best ways to commit facts to memory is through the use of note cards. For example, this technique can be used in learning all types of equations, vocabulary, important historical events, and grammar. After the cards have been prepared, they can be kept on hand for studying during odd moments throughout the day.”

Hampton H. Hairfield, Laboratory Associate, Chemistry

“Fill out study guides well in advance, so you can just study the guides the night before the test.
Go to study sessions provided by the professors! The professor may give questions on the test or give you extra credit for attending.”
Angie Amos ’98:

“Favorite stress relievers: favorite TV Show, quick 10-min nap to clear my brain. Memory Technique: word association-does the word or phrase relate to anything in my life.”
Theresa Cash ’99

“Don’t study in your bed–always have your desk clear and ready for studying!!”
Kristen Mrazik ’01

“A few days before your test prepare as if it will be the following day. When it is the actual day of the test it will be much easier!”
Anna Gilkey ’01

“Take a moment to relax a deep breath, and clear your mind, before you take your first look at your test/exam.”

Kabi Kiarie ’00

“I find it easy to memorize things if I am doing a certain movement. For example, in Spanish when I am memorizing words, I relate the word to something it sounds like in English, or if I am remembering a phrase, I choreograph so to speak, to what I am memorizing. This is a proven memorization technique that I learned in seventh grade.”
Kristy Rhodes ’01