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Tips from Students and Professors

“Always carry your daily planner. Take it from a senior–if it’s not written down you might forget. Everybody needs to learn good time management skills.”
-Shelley Kelsey, ’98

“Set aside time to study each day-and set aside play time.”
-Rian McMullen, ’01

Prof. Owen“If you are struggling to get everything done and in on time, try critically examining your daily and weekly calender. First, carefully monitor your existing use of time with a diary and then, with a trusted, mature friend, examine your daily and weekly calendar very carefully and critically. How many hours do you spend on different activities? How much time is wasted? Are there time slots between your clases that you could put to use for productive studying? Then, draw up a new calendar for yourself. Allocate specific times and places each day to study particular subjects and write in all of you existing class meeting times, along with other schedualed meetings and commitments (such as drama, music, sports, etc.) . Set up a semester-long schedule showing all four months and write down when all written work is due and when all tests are scheduled. It can be very helpful to see weeks ahead of time when you will face a major crunch of deadlines and tests.”
-Rod Owen, Professor of Philosophy