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Spring 2013 – Vol. 26. No. 1

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Inside Boldly Baldwin, you'll find the cover story, which explores the shifting value of higher education on a national platform as well as from the perspective of recent Mary Baldwin College graduates. This issue also offers an update about Ever Ahead, the college's $80 million fundraising campaign, poised to bring to life our first doctoral programs and continue a tradition of invention and adaptability.

Our Cover
Inspired by the work of Brown University professors who devised a computer program that creates a vibrant 3-D image of neural connections in the human brain, Boldly Baldwin art directors created a representation of the brain the imagines what it looks like when a liberal arts education sparks reflection, connections, creativity, and critical problem solving.

Boldly Baldwin Spring 2013

On the Inside

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BackstoryPhotographer Lindsey Walters of Miscellaneous Media Photography recently snapped freshman Alexandra Ellmauer draped over a chair while reading in front of the illuminated stained glass window in Grafton Library. The image was a perfect fit for the back cover of the spring issue of Boldly Baldwin; and, naturally, we wanted to know more about Allie and that moment.

Boldly Baldwin: What is your hometown, and what are you studying at MBC?
Allie Ellmauer: I'm from a small town in upstate New York called Youngsville, near the Catskill Mountains. I've declared a major in political science.

BB: Is that a place that you frequent on campus, or was it pure luck that the photographer found you there?
AE: Although this photo was set up to look perfect, I actually do sit in that chair often when I visit the library — not quite draped over the arms like that, though. It would get a little uncomfortable! I like all the natural light on that side of the library, and it's a comfortable and quiet place to do homework and read things that aren't related to a class.

BB: What do you think your friends and family will say when they see you on the back cover of the magazine?
AE: I liked the picture so much that I've already shared it with some of my friends and family. My family is happy that I've found a place for myself here, and I think they will be surprised and proud to see it featured on the back of the magazine. For my friends and me, the photo is kind of an iconic picture of what it is like to be a Mary Baldwin student.

Boldly Baldwin cover, photo by Woods PierceBOLDLY BALDWIN: COVER CAPTURE

After seeing the images generated by a National Geographic photo experiment, we launched a project that places the front-page art for Boldly Baldwin in the hands of the Mary Baldwin College community. See a slideshow of images from students, faculty, staff, and alumnae/i (including May Term 2013) and contact Dawn Medley to get your own clear cover to start snapping!