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Master of Arts in Teaching

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Mary Baldwin College has been educating teachers for America’s schools for more than 165 years. But it is not enough just to cite our history. Our MAT program is distinctive, and is set apart from other Master of Arts in Teaching programs in several important ways:

  • It is grounded in the liberal arts. In an ever-changing global community, it is the liberal arts that weave the common threads of the humanities, arts, sciences, and mathematics throughout the diverse tapestry of our cultural differences.
  • We use the inquiry method of learning, guiding students through their own educational journeys, facilitating a deep understanding of old and new knowledge through a reflective process. This bold approach to learning engages the students in ways that encourage life-long learning.
  • Every course is taught by a team of teaching partners — a practicing K-12 classroom teacher and an MBC professor. This partnership helps students learn how to apply new skills and knowledge to the classroom.

Deadlines for applications are as follows: Fall – July 31, Spring – November 15, Summer – April 15.