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The Math Club is hosting a “penny war” to vote on selected Mary Baldwin professors to pie or be pie’d by other professors on Pi Day (3/14)! Stop by Hunt Dining Hall during the lunch and dinner periods from March 10 – March 13 to participate! Donate pennies, nickels, or dimes as votes for the professor to get pie’d or quarters (or dollars) as votes against it. The professor with the most votes will be pie’d by the professor with the least amount.


Jennifer Jin

Jennifer, Class of 2016, is a current Mathematics major at Mary Baldwin, who attended a Research Experience for Undergraduates this past summer at the University of Toledo, Ohio.  This was an opportunity for a small, select group of undergraduate students from across the nation to participate in research projects. Jennifer’s project was entitled, “Modeling and Simulating Gold Nanoparticle Interactions on a Liquid-Air Interface.” She presented her findings in her Numerical Analysis class at the College.

My REU experience was absolutely wonderful! I feel as if I’ve learned and accomplished more than I would have if I had just taken summer courses instead. At an REU, you have to teach yourself the necessary skills and techniques, but your project advisor helps make sure you don’t get too lost!… You get to also meet new people and take part in tons of different events. What’s not to love?”


CaptureAnneliese, Class of 2015, is a current Applied Mathematics major at Mary Baldwin who attended a Research Experience for Undergraduates this past summer at the Valpraiso University, Indiana.  The project Anneliese worked on was entitled, “Mathematical Modeling in Ecology: What Killed the Mammoth?”  Anneliese presented her research at the Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics conference at James Madison University and the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore this year.

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I met so many wonderful people that summer (both other undergraduates and professors from around the country), and I learned so much math. Not only did I learn about modeling, but I learned about so many other cool math concepts and topics during lectures, presentations, and lunch conversations … It was the best summer I’ve had yet.”



Priyanka, Class of 2012, a mathematics minor (pictured at right), attended a summer workshop on the Application of Mathematics to Physiology and Medicine at Duke University. There, she studied a mathematical model of arsenic detoxification. Priyanka has been accepted to the Ph. D. program in Biomedical Engineering at Dartmouth College with a full fellowship.