Why study math at MBC?


Linde, recent math major, is now in graduate school at Colorado State. She is interested in applying statistics to the study of environmental issues.

Our faculty are deeply committed to teaching and strongly committed to student growth both academically and personally. Whether it’s calculus, differential equations, probability theory, or graph theory, you will explore important ideas as your professor carefully constructs a rich classroom environment that leads to a high level of both instrumental and relational understanding of the subject. Outside the classroom there are opportunities for mathematics majors to participate in MARCUS and/or MAA student conferences. At the end of your sophomore year, you may choose to participate in a Virginia Academy of Science Meeting, either presenting a paper or a poster. At the beginning of your senior year, you may choose to participate in SUMS, an undergraduate research conference held at nearby James Madison University. In addition, there are a wide variety of cultural and educational resources in the Staunton area.

Examples of Past Senior Research Projects:

  • Modeling Muscle Mechanics: The Force-Velocity Curve
  • The Arithmetic of ∞ and its Application to a Differentiability Problem
  • Pythagorean Theorem and Reading Proofs
  • ODE Models for the Parachute Problem
  • Applications of the Chinese Remainder Theorem and Algorithm: Then and Now
  • Mathematical Modeling of the Heart
  • Fourth Standard Moment of the PDF of a Continuous Random Variable
  • Music Composition and Group Theory
  • Galois Theory: Solvability and Symmetry
  • Why Knot
  • Structured Treatment Interruption in HIV Dynamics
  • Differential Equations and Prescribing Drug Dosage
  • Differential Equations and the Solow Growth Model
  • Finding Edge Magic Cycles
  • Mathematics, Cryptography and the Underground Railroad
  • Lesbesque Integrability
  • Derivative of the Heaviside Function and Distribution Theory