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Google Apps Comes to MBC

Based on overwhelming demand, MBC-CIS has chosen to partner with Google to host and dramatically enhance MBC Mail for students, faculty, and staff. And the suite of Web-based applications will give all users enhanced ways to collaborate both in and out of the classroom.

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Your MBC Mail account has already been provisioned for you. Your e-mail address remains the same. Your default password for your MBC Mail account is your “Unique MBC PIN.” It’s the same PIN you use for your Blackboard classes and for accessing the Online Registrar. If for some reason you do not have your PIN please contact the MBC Help Desk by calling 540-887-7075.

Have questions? Check out MBC Mail’s FAQs or Google Help

Click a link below to review specific features:

gmail iconMBC E-mail for Life
Even though it’s hosted by Google, it will be an MBC e-mail address and an account that graduating students can keep for life!
calendar iconGoogle Calendar
Everyone can organize their schedules and share events and calendars with others.
talk iconGoogle Talk
You can call or send instant messages to your contacts.
docs iconDocs & Spreadsheets
Collaborating with peers, sharing and working together on documents, all online.
mobile iconGo Mobile
With any Web enabled phone you can send and receive e-mail, schedule and receive events and reminders from your calendar so that you can stay connected.
find iconFind it Quick
With oodles of space (over 7GB) you are able to keep a lot of mail. The MBC Google partnership will provide advanced search tools to quickly locate the e-mails you need, no matter how many you keep around!