“Currently I’m working on a master’s degree in violin performance at the University of Iowa. Although I do not intend to pursue a career in music (I’m applying to medical schools for matriculation in Fall 2008), I am enjoying this experience and the opportunity to further my skills on violin. I’m very glad I majored in music at MBC — it is one of the few schools where a double major in biochemistry and music is possible.

My music professors at MBC were always approachable and kind. Dr. Keiter’s theory classes strengthened my analysis and aural skills significantly. My music history classes with Dr. Allen were enhanced with trips to Charlottesville, VA and Washington, D.C. to hear the works we were studying performed. Additionally, MBC’s association with the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra afforded me the opportunity to play as a soloist — something I had never done before and that would not have been possible at a larger school.”

Hilary Hott ‘06

“I currently work for Southern Methodist University as an Information Systems Specialist/Registrar in the department of continuing studies. Working at SMU has the added bonus of full tuition benefits, so I’m working toward my Master of music in music education. In addition to working and attending class, I teach a small studio of private violin students, I’m the assistant concertmaster in two volunteer orchestras, and I play gigs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

As a music major (and as a political science major, too!), things seemed to just fall into place for me. And I’d like to think that the same happens for all Mary Baldwin women! There had not been a strings program at MBC since the 1920s, but through the wonderful dedication and support of the music department faculty, a fabulous program was begun, and has continued to grow over the past seven years. My violin teacher at Mary Baldwin, Susan Black, is a wonderful violinist and pedagogue. I am honored to have studied with her, and I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has taught me. Through Ms. Black’s involvement in the community, and an internship designed by Dr. Keiter, I began playing with the Waynesboro Community Orchestra. Playing in the WCO led to a fantastic opportunity to teach beginning violinists through its new strings school. Were it not for this teaching experience, I would not have realized how much I enjoy teaching children, and I certainly would not be studying music education now. At Mary Baldwin, my professors were fantastic, and my courses were always interesting (and challenging!). I feel like the education that I received at MBC prepared me for just about anything in life. Because of this, I am so very grateful–and proud–to have earned my Bachelor of Arts from Mary Baldwin College.”

Lindsey Lieberman ‘04