• many students pursue double majors, which is much more possible at a school like MBC than at a larger institution
  • many of our music majors have gone on to success in graduate school
  • students who are interested in music education don’t have to choose between music education and performance at Mary Baldwin, like they do at bigger schools — at MBC, many students add Music Ed Licensure to their Performance Emphasis major
  • we have an excellent placement record for music education
  • instrumentalists perform with the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra, where they have the unique experience of performing alongside community members, students from other schools, and professionals
  • all courses, lessons, and ensembles are open to all qualified MBC students, not just music majors
  • our choral ensembles perform regularly on and off campus
  • we offer travel courses, such as “Jazz in New Orleans” and “Music in Vienna”
  • we have one of the few arts administration programs in the country at the undergraduate level