MBC Celebrates 170th Commencement

To the 2012 graduates of Mary Baldwin College, Abigail Disney issued a call to embrace their inner princesses. Not the fairy tale versions a la Jasmine or Mulan, or today’s Hollywood “princesses,” such as Kim Kardashian. But those who build lives of substance and who commit themselves to being true and serving others in meaningful ways.

The granddaughter of Roy and grandniece of Walt, Disney presented the keynote address at MBC’s 170th Commencement ceremony on May 20. She is a scholar, philanthropist, award-winning filmmaker, and mother of four.

“Don’t be limited to what’s on the menu,” Disney said, also cautioning the graduates to stay grounded, not be afraid to fail, and never “squander your time on the chase for mirages.”

photo description hereCaitlyn Henck, received the Martha Stackhouse Grafton Award. Craig Maupin was named Outstanding Adult Degree Program Graduate. Stephanie Wilson earned the Outstanding Graduate Teacher Education Award. MLitt graduate Kimberley Maurice received the Ariel Award for Outstanding Program Service and Leadership. Tierra Smith (pictured, right, with President Pamela Fox) received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Student Award, along with the Mary Keith Fitzroy Award.

The college bestowed the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Non-Student Award on Disney.

“Class of 2012, you are surrounded with pride on this terrace and on this hill,” said President Pamela Fox, recognizing the hard work of the graduates, as well as the sacrifice of parents and others who came to celebrate their achievements. “You will remember this day for the rest of your lives.”


Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for MBC's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.