New Commandant Empowers Founders Day Audience

In her first official appearance as commandant of cadets of the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership, Brigadier General Teresa Djuric delivered an energetic message to Mary Baldwin College seniors during her Founders Day 2013 address.

“This past month at Mary Baldwin has been full of special events recognizing the freshman class and enriching their first-year experience… today we shift the focus to you. That’s right, it’s all about you, and I plan to make your lives easier by sharing my thoughts on the power of empowering,” Djuric said to begin her speech.

A retired air force officer who most recently served as deputy director in the Space Intelligence Office at the Pentagon, Djuric drew on her military and civilian leadership experiences to motivate the audience of students, faculty, staff, and community guests.

“When we energize people to tackle challenges, we’re all rewarded by their commitment to increase quality and achieve high degrees of success,” she said.

Photos by Woods Pierce

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