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Panopto Lecture Recordings and your Blackboard Course


 Linking your Blackboard Course to Panopto

Recording a Panopto Session

Uploading your Panopto Video

Webcasting a Panopto Session

Editing your Panopto Video

Linking to all your course lectures from Blackboard

Hiding your videos until you are ready to release them

Linking to a single Panopto lecture from within Blackboard

Recording a Laser Pointer or Highlighter

Where can I find additional information about Panopto?

Panopto Vendor Documentation regarding viewing

Panopto Vendor Documentation regarding recording

Linking your Blackboard Course to Panopto

To link your Blackboard course to your Panopto video folder for that course, first login to Blackboard as an instructor for the course you’d like to provision. Navigate to the desired course. On the course page, click the Tools link in the course menu

Panopto1Under Tools, click the Panopto Focus Content link.  If you cannot see the Panopto Focus Content Tool, then go to Control Panel, Customization, Tool Availability and scroll down until you find Panopto Course Tool Application, click in the box next to it, and click on Submit.  Panopto2

Click Configure. Panopto3 To provision the course, click to highlight the Course Folders that you wish to make Available to this course, click on Add and then click on Submit.


You will see a screen confirming that you have provisioned your Blackboard course with a Panopto folder.

Recording a Panopto Session

To record a Panopto Session, open another tab on your browser and go to:
You want to Sign in using Blackboard, so click on the green Sign In box.

 Once you have signed in to Panopto, you will be able to see your name at the upper right. To view your Panopto Folders, click on Mary Baldwin College at the upper left.

When you are in Panopto, choose which Folder (Blackboard Course) where you want your recording to be stored, and click on Create and then Record a New Session


If this is your first time recording with Panopto, you will need to download the Panopto Recorder and open your Downloads and Run the panopto.exe file to install the Panopto Recorder application on your computer.  Install according to the defaults. Then reboot your computer.

Launch the Recorder from this page.  You can also launch the recorder from the Start Menu, by clicking on Start and Panopto Recorder.


After you have launched the Panopto Recorder, check that the audio and video inputs are correct, and enable any secondary capture sources that are required (for example, Screen 2 and/or the Doc Cam in the classrooms, or one of the video cameras in the labs). You can choose whether or not to show the video of yourself, but you must have audio selected. The Standard quality setting is fine.

The session name defaults to the date and time, but PLEASE take this opportunity to name the session according to its contents, i.e., Bones of the Wrist, or Causes of the French Revolution, so you and your students can find the correct video later.

Choose a folder in which to place this video.

If you are capturing a PowerPoint presentation, click on the PowerPoint tab and Open a Presentation and browse to find your slideshow. Note! If you record a .pps, then the Search functionality within Panopto may not pick up the content of your slides. For the best result, open the .ppt version of your slides. You can choose to start the recording when you start your slideshow, or you can Click on Record and start your slideshow while the recording is running.


To annotate slides (for example, drawing an arrow to a blood vessel, or circling an important item of text, use your desktop or handheld mouse as a marker.  At the bottom left of your Powerpoint slide, there are faint Slideshow Control Icons.  Click on the Pen icon and choose Pen to change your cursor into a Pen.  When you click on the mouse or trackball and move it, you can annotate the slide.  To progress to the next slide, move the cursor to the arrow icon and click on the right arrow to advance, or the left arrow to go back one slide.


When you are recording in Panopto, the annotations will only show up when the student chooses to view via Screen View.  Documentation for your students on how best to view your dual slideshow videos is here.

To return to Panopto and stop the recording session, press Alt-Tab to find the that window. When you are finished recording your session, click on Stop.

Uploading your Panopto Video

After you stop the Recording, you will be taken to the Panopto Upload screen.  Click on Upload to Server, Add New Session, and Upload to New Session.  This will store the recording you just made in the Folder for your course.  This will take a few minutes, but you do not need to stay logged on to the computer during this time.   Close the Panopto Browser Tab by clicking on the X at the upper right hand corner.


If you want your students to be able to annotate your live lecture while it is being recorded, then before you click on Record, click the Webcast and Record box in the upper right of your screen:


In order to annotate your  live lecture, your students will log in to the course via Blackboard and click on the Lecture that is “Recording right now” in your Course Folder.



Putting a link in Blackboard to all the Panopto Lectures in the course folder:

In your Panopto Home Page, click on the course folder, then right click and choose Settings.


Click on Share and highlight the Share link.


In your Blackboard course, above the Content Menu, click on the + sign and choose Web Link.  Name the Web Link something like “Panopto Video Files” and Paste the URL into the URL field.  Click on Available to Users to make all videos in the Course Folder visible to your students.  Hover over the link and click on the Down Arrow and choose Set Link to Open in a New Window.


To hide some of the videos from your students until you are ready to release them, look at the instructions here.

Linking to a single Panopto lecture from within Blackboard:

Note:  Linking to single lectures from Blackboard will not prevent the students from seeing the other lectures in the course folder.  To hide a lecture until you are ready to release it, follow the instructions here:

To put a link in your Blackboard course which points to a single recorded session,  go to the Content Area where you wish to put the link. Click on Tools and Panopto Video Link.


When the Panopto link comes up, choose the Folder with your Course Name on it and the appropriate lecture, type in a Description if needed and click on Submit.  The link will look like this to your students:


You and your students may need to install the Microsoft Silverlight application in order to view Panopto videos:

Hiding your videos until you are ready to release them:

The Adaptive Release function in Blackboard will not prevent your students from having access to the videos that are in your course folder in Panopto.  If you wish to release your videos to your students as the semester progresses, rather than just letting your students view all the videos as they please, you will need to create a  subfolder in for your course in Panopto, and store the videos there until you are ready to release them. To do this, right click on the Course Name and choose Create Subfolder.  Name your subfolder something meaningful like CourseID_Hidden to remind you that the videos in this folder will not be able to be seen by your students.


You can record directly into the Hidden Folder.  To move a video from the Hidden Folder to the Course Folder, select the video you want to move,  right click and choose Settings.  When the settings page displays, click on the Edit link next to Folder and choose the destination folder from the drop down box.


When you are ready to allow your students to view this video, you will move it out of the Hidden Folder and into the Parent Course Folder, using the same Edit Folder facility.

Editing your Panopto Video

In order to Edit your Panopto video, navigate to and Sign in with Blackboard.  From your Folder, hover over the name of the video you wish to edit and click on Edit.


When you get to the Edit Screen, you can play the video from the pane in the upper left corner.  You can view the timeline of the audio from the lower right.

To view the timeline in more detail, click on the + Magnifying Glass icon.

To edit out bits of the video,  click on the scissors that are above the timeline.

Move the black line to the beginning of the content you want to hide.  Click.  Then move the black line to the end of the content you want to hide.  Click.  This will create a dark “window shade” over the content that will not be played.

This content will not be removed from Panopto, it will just not be played. You can make the shade shorter or longer in each direction by clicking on the little yellow tabs and dragging them.  To check you have edited out the correct section, play the video again from the controls on the upper left.


After you have completed making your edits, click on the Save button at the upper right. You can make different recordings (with different edits) from the same original material and using Save As instead.

Showing and Recording a Laser-like Pointer or Highlighter

If you are recording the Slideshow and want to user your cursor as a pointer, and make sure your students can see it on the recording, as well as in the classroom, you will need to Capture Primary Screen as well as Capturing the Powerpoint.

Start the slideshow and right click to choose Pointer Options and Highlighter.  Then right click again and choose Pointer Options and Ink Color and choose a color that will show up well against your slides.


PointerOptions              RedHighlighter


Now your cursor will be larger and more colorful, and you can also draw arrows  with it.  When your slideshow finishes, and you are asked if you want to keep your ink annotations, be sure to choose DISCARD, or those arrows will be saved on your slides.

Arrow      KeepAnnotations

To start Panopto recording after you have the two slideshows on the correct screens, press F8. To pause or resume recording, press F9.