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Follow You Printing

There are two ways to send print orders to the printers, for later printing, at the Staunton and Murphy Deming campus locations.  These orders will not be printed until the person who sent them goes to a configured printer, logs in, and requests the printout.

These printouts will be available for 72 hours only after they were sent.

Email submission of print orders (files only) – OR – Web Submisson of print orders

Email submission

1) You must have a gmail address.

2) Compose an email with the file attached that you want to print.

3) Send the email to MBC Print B&W  (

You will receive an email confirming that your print order has been sent.  To pick up your printout, follow the instructions here:

Web Submission

1) You must be attached to the MBC Network on the Staunton MBC Campus or at MDCHS

2) Go to http://MobilePrintMD/cps/  (Add this to your Favorites or Bookmarks)

3) Click on PRINT.


4) Enter your MBC username and PIN.  THen click on LOG IN.


5) Click on mbc-print-bw for standard black and white printing.


6) Click CHOOSE FILE to find the file you want to print  – OR paste the URL of the webpage you want to print and then click CONTINUE.



7) Review or change your page settings and then press CONTINUE.



8) After a few seconds, the print job will be processed and you will see a screen like this.  You can then send another file or website to be printed, or you can LOG OUT.




 NOTE! – you cannot print “Pages”.  If you are using a MAC and your file is in “Pages”, save it as a .pdf and then print the .pdf

 Picking up your print order

1) Once you have submitted your print order, you can retrieve it from any of the MFP (Multi-Function-Printer, Photocopier, Scanner) machines that have Follow-You printing configured, including, for students:

  • MDCG103A – MP5002  – located on the ground floor near student mailboxes
  • MDGC203 – MF4002  – located on 2nd floor near student lounge area
  • GRA100 – MP5002 – located in the Periodicals Room at Grafton Library
  • GRA200 – MP6002 – located on the Grafton Library main floor

and additional printers for faculty and staff:

  • PSC215 – MP5002 – located in the Faculty Resource Office
  • ACA303B – MP6002 – located in the Faculty Lounge
  • MDC234 – MP4002 – 2nd floor workroom
  • MDC118 – MP4002 – 1st floor Administration Office
  • MDC134 – MP4002 – 1st floor workroom

2) Swipe your MBC ID card or enter your MBC ID Number and click Start.


3) Click on Next.

4) Click on Follow-You.




5) This will show you the print orders that are queued.  Click to highlight the jobs you want to print, then click PRINT to print this job.


When you email your file to be printed, you will see two files.  The file you emailed, and the email itself.  The email print file will not have a file extension.  To remove it, click on it and then click on Delete.


When you are finished, click on Logout to Log out.