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Google Hangout

How to set up Google+ so you can “Hang Out””

Welcome to Google+

How to check your video and audio settings

How to maximize privacy

How to set up Google+ so you can “Hang Out”

1) In your Gmail, click on +You in the upper left hand corner of your Gmail screen:

2) Fill in Gender and Birthday:

3) Click on Upgrade in the bottom right corner:

4) Add people you will want to Hang Out with and click on Continue in the bottom right corner:

5) Follow interesting people or pages to stay updated with recent events relating to them. Click on Continue in the bottom right corner.

6.) Create your profile; Snap a photo, upload, more info. Click Finish.

Welcome to Google+

Getting Started in a Hangout

1.)  “+You” in the top left hand corner, should now say your first name. Click on your name.

2.) At the upper left, click on Home and Hangouts.


At the moment with your MBC gmail account, you can’t click “Hangouts” on the lower left OR “Start a Hangout” on the right.  Instead, click on “Start a Video Call” on the right hand side.

3.) A pop-up may appear. If it does, select “Install Plugin”

4.) Join a Hangout; invite a friend.

Checking your video and audio settings for Google Hangouts

1.) Select “start a hangout” in the top right of the screen.

2.) Make sure your camera, microphone and headphones are connected, if necessary.

3.) Select the Settings Icon in the top right corner.

4.)  Select the highlighted options to test your device.

5.) Save changes or cancel and exit.


How to Maximize Privacy

1.) Select “+YourFirstName”

2.) Select the settings icon to the left of  “start a hangout”

3.) Adjust your privacy settings by selecting options from the dropbox to the right of each item.

4.) Save changes and Exit.