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King 107 has a video projector and screen installed, but no dedicated PC.  If you need to borrow one from OIT, the process is documented here:
  • Connect the thick computer video cable to the 15-pin socket on the back of the laptop.
  • Connect the thin computer audio cable to the green headphone jack (not the red microphone jack) of the laptop.
  • Control the projector and sound level by the switch plate in the front wall of the room next to the whiteboard and screen.
  • King 107 has very good wireless network access, so it is not necessary to plug the computer into the network wall jack.

When finished:

  • Leave the computer video and audio cables connected to the wall plate in King 107.
  • Please make sure to shut down the video projector, since the room is generally unattended, and if you have borrowed a laptop from OIT, please return it.