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Frequently Asked Questions

 NEW!  Video Links:

You’ll want to watch these full screen in High Definition.  To do that, click on the settings icon (1), then choose HD (2) and then click on Full Screen (3)

Introduction to SMART Notebook from School Tube:

Using your MBC SMART Board like a White Board and then saving your notes as a .pdf

Orienting/Aligning your SMART Board:

Using your SMART Board like a White Board using SMART Notebook:

Importing Powerpoint into SMART Notebook:

Fun Tools in SMART Notebook:


Use your SmartBoard Like a WhiteBoard during class AND save the notes!

  1. Start Smart Notebook (from the desktop).
  2. Click on the icon that looks like a little blue screen with arrows pointing to the 4 corners – this will give you the largest possible writing surface and a little icon tray on the lower left for navigation.
  3. In the icon tray on the lower left click on the double sided horizontal arrows to give you the page plus tool you will need.
  4. Use the markers from the tray or your finger to write on the board
  5. When you need to go to a new blank board, click on the icon in the lower left that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign on it.
  6. To go back to a previous screen, click on the left arrow. To go forward to the next screen, click on the right arrow.
  7. When you are finished with the class, click on the little blue screen icon again to get back to full Smart Notebook mode.
  8. Click/press File Save As and save the SmartNotebook file in your U: drive or on your flash drive.
  9. Export it as a .pdf (File, Export) if you want to keep it for later posting on Blackboard.

How to hide the Smartboard Floating Tools:

If you are showing a DVD through the computer and you DON’T want to use the Ink Layer, you might want to hide the Tools

  1. Right click “Smart Tools” on the little blue square with the white circle in it that is at the lower right hand side of the bottom of your screen.
  2. Choose Hide Floating Tools.

To get them back again, right click on Smart Tools and choose Show Floating Tools.Return to Top

Installing Smart Notebook 11 on your office computer

  1. For PCs, click on the Blue Download button on the Smarttech website here:   DO NOT install Notebook 2014.  Install Notebook 11.3 or 11.4
  2. For MACs, click on the Blue Download button on the Smartech website here. Do not install Notebook 2014.
  3. The Product Key for the Smart Notebook Software is available from Beverly Riddell at
  4. If you need the Math Tools please ask Beverly or Reid for the Product Key, we only have a limited number of licenses for these.

Importing a PowerPoint into Smart Notebook:

Click on File Import and find the .ppt file on your U: drive or Flash Drive.
Wait a minute or two as it finds the .ppt file and converts it to a Smart Notebook file.

If this does not work, go into PowerPoint and Print the presentation to Smart Notebook Document Writer. Usually you would want to print this as editable, even if it means you will need to tidy it after the import. This should import the .ppt into Smart Notebook.

Importing a WORD or PDF document into SMART Notebook:

In MSWORD or while looking at your PDF, print the presentation and choose Smart Notebook Document Writer instead of a printer. Usually you would want to print this as image.  This should input the .pdf, .doc or .docx into Smart Notebook.

How to turn handwriting into text:

  1. Click on the cursor (pointer).
  2. Draw a rectangle diagonally that surrounds the handwriting
  3. Click on the down triangle on the edge of the rectangle and choose “Recognize”

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How to change and save the default fonts

To change the font, click on the little text tab at the left of your screen.  Then click on Text Style, choose your font, size and color, and click on Save Tool Properties.


To save that default font for the next time you use SMART Notebook, click on Format, Theme, and Create New Theme from Page.


How to Animate your Smartboard Slide:

  1. Insert an image or text box and click on it
  2. Click on the downward-pointing triangle in the upper right-hand corner of the box, choose Properties then Object Animation
  3. Select a Type of animation and the other options you require.

How to take a picture of what you have on the Smartboard and save it to SmartNotebook:

  1. Click on the Camera (Screen Capture) Icon
  2. Choose whether to capture a portion of the image that you choose (first or third option) or the entire screen (second option from the left)
  3. Select the area of the screen (first or third option) or Tap the Screen
  4. If your speakers are turned on you will hear the camera shutter “take” the picture. The picture will be added to a page in Smart Notebook.

If you are using the “Ink Layer” to write or draw on a Word or EXCEL document and you want to save your edits, you can SAVE AS a .pdf and the ink layer will be retained.


SMARTBoard Rooms at MBC

Carpenter ACADEMIC:  207, 210, 305, 307, 308

GRAFTON: 105, 302, 501

Pearce Science Center:  101, 105, 301

Deming:  108

Physical Activity Center:  213D

Wenger:  402

Richmond: Classroom 2

Roanoke: RHEC 806

Resolution of the SMART Board Rooms at MBC:


4:3 Board 16:10 Board 16:9 Board
ACA 207Dem 108GRA 302 ACA 210ACA 305ACA 307ACA 308GRA 501

PSC 101

PSC 105

PAC 213DPSC 301GRA 105Richmond CL2WEN 402

Roanoke 806