Printing A Poster

Printing A Poster

– To print a poster you must schedule an appointment. Contact the Help Desk (540)887-7075 or ( to set up an appointment. Please include your phone number in any email so you can be contacted.

– DO NOT WAIT until the very last minute to set up the appointment.  If there is a problem printing, you will want to make sure you have time to correct your poster so it will print. We will not correct scaling or other issues with your file. It typically takes about 40 to 45 minutes to print, so plan to wait while it prints.

– You can bring the finished poster file on a USB key.  If your department is paying you must bring the department account number for payment.

– Use the application PowerPoint. We do not have other software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, etc.
– Note that .pdf files do not always scale properly, so do not save the file as a .pdf
– First set the page size for the PowerPoint slide to 36″ by 48″ in Page Setup. Create your poster.
– Be sure that all images are .jpg format. (not .png or .gif, etc.).
– Do not copy and paste graphs and tables from SPSS or Systat directly. Save those graphs and tables as .jpg first. Then place them in PowerPoint.
– Beware that some backgrounds may be too large an image to print. We will try, but can’t guarantee it. Even though the printer’s memory is at maximum sometimes the background will prevent printing.

– Posters are printed on the HP DesignJet 500ps on roll paper.
– Typical presentation posters are 3 foot by 4 foot.
– Paper rolls are 24″ wide and 36″ wide. Maximum printable length is 54″ (restricted by software.)

– You, or your department, will pay for the consumables only – paper and ink. Consult with your department to determine if they will pay for the poster printing.
– Priced by the square foot.

36″ x 48″ on Coated White paper = $21.00   ($1.75 per sq ft)
36″ x 48″ on HW Glossy White paper = $36.00   ($3.00 per sq ft)
36″ x 48″ on Tyvek Banner paper = $51.00   ($4.25 per sq ft)