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Respondus Lockdown Browser

Instructions for Instructors:

After you have written and deployed a test, you can set the test to be taken using Lockdown Browser only. In the Content Area, click on Tools and then on Respondus Lockdown Browser.


(If you cannot see the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool, click on Control Center, Customization, Tool Availability, and find the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool. Click in the little box to make it Available to the course and Submit.)


When the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool screen is displayed​, it will show you all the tests in your course. Click on the little down arrow next to the test you wish to associate with the Lockdown Browser, and click on Require Lockdown Browser and Save and Close.


You may wish to add something like this to your Syllabus:

Instructions for Students: Using LockDown Browser for Online Exams

This course requires the use of LockDown Browser for online exams.  Download and install LockDown Browser from this link:

To take an online test, you must be connected to the MBC Network.  You may be on the internet and not on the MBC Network, so go to and click on something to make sure you are connected.


Start LockDown Browser and navigate to the exam. (You won’t be able to access the exam with a standard web browser.) For additional details on using LockDown Browser, review this  Student Quick Start Guide.

Finally, when taking an online exam, follow these guidelines:

  • Turn off all mobile devices, phones, etc.
  • Clear your desk of all external materials as directed by the exam proctor
  • Remain at your desk or workstation for the duration of the test
  • LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted