Creating Personal Voice Mail Distribution Lists

Voice Mail Distribution Lists are a convenient way to record a voice mail message and send it to multiple voice mailboxes. You can create up to 5 lists of 25 voice mail boxes each, allowing a message to be sent to as many as 125 people.

To set up a Personal Distribution List follow these steps:

Obtain the Voice Mail Box Numbers

Compile the voice mail box numbers you want to include on your list. Important Note: Most faculty and staff voice mailbox numbers are the same as their telephone numbers. This is not the case with most student voice mailboxes. If you want to include students on your list, be sure you confirm their voice mailbox numbers by asking them for the number.

Create the Distribution List

1. From the main voice mail menu, press “4”.

2. Press “2” to enter Administrative Options.

3. Press “2” again to enter Group Lists.

4. Press “1” to Create a List.

The system will prompt you to enter a two-digit number between 11 and 25 that you will use to select the list you are creating; it will then prompt you to record a name to identify the list (ie., Poli Sci 101 Students). The name will play back each time you select the list. Finally, you will be prompted to enter in the mailbox numbers you want to include in your list. When you have entered all the numbers, exit and save the list by pressing “*”.

Sending a message to the list

1. Access your voice mailbox in the usual way. Press “2” to record your message. Press “#” when you are finished, or “*” if you made an error. Enter in the two-digit number you established for your list. The system will play back the name you recorded to identify the list. Press “#” to send the message, or “*” if you made an error.

2. From off-campus, dial 887-7200, the press “#”. You will be prompted to enter your voice mailbox number and password. Follow steps 1 and 2 above.

To edit, delete, or rename a list

Follow steps 1 through 3 for “Creating a List” above. The system will offer several options. Press the number corresponding to the action you want to take, then follow the system instructions for that action.

System-Wide Distribution Lists

Sending voice mail messages to everybody on the system is reserved for emergency purposes only. Permission to use such system wide lists is determined by the President of the College. For more information view section 13.5.10 of the Appropriate Use Policy.