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This link will give you an overview of the new features in SMART Notebook11.

Here is a summary that you might find useful:

How do I get SMART Notebook 11?

Go to the smarttech website to download SMART Notebook 11.3 or 11.4 for Windows or for MAC, depending on which you are running.

Click on the blue Download box.

When asked if you have a license, say Yes.  Fill in your information, using Mary Baldwin College as your Organization, College/University as your Industry and using your MBC email address. Leave NO checked so SMART won’t send you emails advertising their products.

Save the file to your Desktop or Downloads folder (remember which).  It will take several minutes to save.

After the file (****.exe) is saved, double click on it to start the Install Wizard.  Follow the instructions:

  • Accept the license Agreement
  • Install into the default folder
  • Do not click on any extra products, install just Smart Notebook and Smart Product Drivers
  • On the Startup Options tab, you will want to Unclick Smart Board Tools if you do not wish for these to show every time you reboot your computer.
  • Do not click make SMART Ink Document viewer the default PDF viewer.
  • Unclick Enable the Customer Service Experience.
  • Unclick the Galleries if you will not use them.  They are very large and take a long long time to install.
  • Do not add in any languages if you will only need English.
  • Click on Install.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of SMART Notebook, the Product Key information will likely be saved.  If you are installing a new version of SMART Notebook, contact the Help Desk (540) 887-7075 or create a ticket here to get the Product Key.

What’s Changed?

The Full Screen, Transparent Background and Single/Dual Display have also moved to a Drop Down Box. (Green Circle)

A couple of things have moved.  All the pens are now in a drop down box, and there are a couple of new pens including Shape Recognition pen – very useful!  (see Red Circle)

Also, the Properties button that used to be up the top is now accessed from the tab on the side (Purple Circle)


What’s New?

Start-up Time.  It takes SMART Notebook 11 considerably longer to start up than it took SMART Notebook 10.8.  According to SMART, this is because of all the really fine new features.  See below:

View Full Screen Border:  If you use your SMART Notebook presentation in Full Screen Mode, you’ll want to take advantage of the available real estate.  If the monitor you are using is 4:3, and the SMARTboard you are using is 16:9, when your presentation is shown your slide may be truncated, or you may see the entire slide, but the left and right side of the slide will be filled in with gray, unusable space.

If you click on View, Full Screen Border, you can choose the size of the SMARTboard you will be using (See table below for what size SMARTboard is in which room) and you can size your presentation accordingly.

4:3 Board 16:10 Board 16:9 Board
ACA 207
Dem 108
GRA 302
ACA 210
ACA 305
ACA 307
ACA 308
GRA 501
PSC 101
PSC 105
PAC 213D
PSC 301
GRA 105
Richmond CL2
WEN 402
Roanoke 806

Insert Internet Browser:

You can insert an Internet Browser right in your SMART Notebook presentation.  This is useful because you can use all of the SMARTboard features while browsing a web site.  Click on Insert, Internet Browser.  To navigate to a page, click on the address box at the bottom of the browser and type in the desired destination.   To pin a “home” page, click on the Pushpin icon.  To “return to home” click on the Pushpin icon with the green Return arrow.

Reset Page:

Useful if during a presentation you have added several things to a page.  Similar to Edit, Clear Ink From Page, Reset Page will also clear non-ink elements such as images or graphs.  Reset Page restores just the current page to how it looked the last time it was saved, without restoring the entire Presentation to the last time it was saved.

Activity Builder:

This is quite an easy way to build a Categorizing Activity in your SMART presentation. Great video explaining it is here:

New Table Features:

When you select a cell, row or column, a menu arrow now appears. You can press this menu arrow and then select a variety of actions, including adding rows or columns, splitting or merging cells and adding or removing cell shades.
In addition, after you click a cell shade to reveal the contents of the cell, you can now click the triangle in the cell’s top-left corner to replace the cell shade.

Set Default Fonts:

Comic Sans Serif not your favorite?  You can set the up to 6 Text buttons for the font, color and size you use the most.

Click on the Text Icon (Green Circle), then the Properties Tab (Purple Circle), then choose the Text Button whose properties you want to change (Red Circle).

Change the color, font, size, style etc and click on Save Tool Properties.  The next time you click on that Text Button, the properties will be the ones  you chose!