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Parents’ Corner

Parents’ Corner was designed to provide helpful tips and advice to parents of prospective and current Mary Baldwin College students.

Below, Parent Council member Cindy Bolton shares some pointers.

Getting to Know MBC

I remember bringing my daughter to MBC as a bright-eyed freshman. She was so excited and I was so worried. No longer would I be able to swoop down, helicopter blades whirling, and make every problem right. But this is one of the skills we hope our daughters will learn during the course of their college careers: how to solve their own problems, become part of a community, and advocate for themselves.

MBC has many resources in place to help our daughters with issues and stumbling blocks during the school year. Briefly, I’ve listed places to seek help with academics and student life.

Academic accommodations, tutor support, and peer mentoring can be accessed through the Learning Skills Center, managed by Dr. Beverly Askegaard.

The Campus Life section of MBC’s website lists a particularly helpful resource titled A Squirrel’s Guide to Studying, giving students information on time management, stress management, note taking, reading skills, and test taking.

Student Life
If your daughter needs help dealing with social issues common to the college student, MBC’s Residence Life community has skilled student leaders who serve as Resident Assistants and Area Directors, trained to provide information and resources, conflict mediation, peer counseling, and emergency assistance.

Some students will inevitably become homesick. They will want to pack up and come home. The Student Activities section of the website lists many opportunities to join student clubs and organizations. Being active in the college community is a sure way to transform a new place into a new home. So when that homesick call comes, encourage your daughter to get involved.

An Unforgettable College Experience
College offers many opportunities — higher learning, career development, community awareness and participation — but most importantly, it teaches our daughters to self-advocate and solve their own problems. As they become Boldly Baldwin women, we can sigh and turn off our whirling helicopters.