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Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution


MBC students with a particular interest in issues and perspectives revolving around the themes of difference, diversity, and multiculturalism and in the skills and techniques emerging from the study and practice of mediation, conflict resolution, and non-violence may pursue a multi-disciplinary minor in peacemaking and conflict resolution. Minor requirements are structured to encourage cross-disciplinary study, a combination of theory and praxis, and (whenever possible) integration with a student’s declared major.

This is a course of study that can complement and enrich a major in any number of different liberal arts and pre-professional areas.

Mary Baldwin’s college-wide commitment to civic engagement and global awareness underscores the vital importance of making the world safer for all of its inhabitants through the discovery and development of skills for making peace and mediating conflicts. We examine the history of peace-making with the view to indentifying best practices for overcoming violence and providing a foundation for additional refinements.