“I decided to major in philosophy the spring of my freshman year at Mary Baldwin and never regretted it. Though there were times when I questioned how much more of Wittgenstein, Descartes, or Nietzsche I could take (I mean, how many hours can you discuss whether “God is dead”? Many, it would seem), I emerged from each of these with a better understanding not only of philosophy, but life in general, and more specifically – my life. The professors constantly challenged me to look at positions that I myself did not hold, and the classroom discussion – particularly in Senior Seminars – were not only enlightening, but also the most lively classroom discussions I had at Mary Baldwin! Now in law school, I am able to experience the benefit of being a philosophy major each day in class. Whether it is as simple as being able to get a professor’s joke about Kant or Hume, or as important as being able to argue better on an exam – Mary Baldwin’s Philosophy Department prepared me well for life – both academic and actual.”

McCall Carter ’07


I have rarely felt as at home as I did in the Philosophy Department at Mary Baldwin. While the subject matter was certainly compelling in its own right, the professors made all the difference for me: their enthusiasm was contagious and their encouragement invaluable.

I have found that the analytic and writing skills I acquired as a philosophy major have been beneficial to my work in the corporate world where one is expected to digest and communicate complex ideas with ease. I am currently pursuing graduate studies in English and am confident that my undergraduate focus in philosophy has more than adequately prepared me to take on this challenge, particularly in regards to the highly analytical study of literary theory.

Jessica Swope ’04
Editor, LexisNexis