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Philosophy and Religion


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Before attending Mary Baldwin, I was a Protestant in a Catholic school. Religious discussion, even debate, engaged me from an early age. Though I intended to be pre-med, I majored in Philosophy/Religion after I enjoyed Intro to Philosophy much more than Intro to Biology. Minoring in Preparation for Ministry afforded me unique educational opportunities, including personalized independent study courses in preaching and parish administration.

My academic background may seem inconsistent with my professional work. The bridge between them is my sense of vocation. From Quest to the Honor Council, and from work-study to a studying abroad, my Mary Baldwin education integrated discernment and self-discovery with the pursuit of knowledge.

Melissa P. Ford ’99 
Professional in the diabetes care industry

I chose this major because the deep questions of philosophy always interested me, and I was already working in the field of Jewish education. Personally, these are the questions I want to keep on thinking about forever. Academically, philosophy sharpens the mind, and has been helpful in many other areas of study. Professionally, it has been helpful in writing meaningful curriculum, and in articulating a vision for a religious school. The Department of Philosophy and Religion’s faculty is both rigorous and encouraging in just the right balance. I especially appreciate their openness to feminist interpretations and creative projects.

Rain Zohav ’98
Education Director of Jewish Sunday School