Political Science


At Mary Baldwin College, students of political science do more than hear lectures and participate in discussions. Class group projects, computer simulations, data manipulation exercises, and online research challenges combine to create a diverse academic experience.

In addition to coursework, extracurricular activities allow for political science majors to become some of the most highly-involved student leaders on campus. Moreover, political science courses attract a diverse cross section of students from all of the college’s programs. Large numbers of majors in recent years have been part of the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted and the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership.

Our courses are also of increasing interest to non-majors in all disciplines. Students can learn about practical aspects of government and politics while living on our historic Staunton campus. Since most students in the traditional-aged population live on campus, some choose to enroll for internship credit for their work in city and county government offices. Others intern in local law firms and administrative agencies. All can earn political science credit for these experiences. Others complete their internships off campus during Mary Baldwin’s May Term, or during the summer in Richmond, in Washington D.C., and throughout the United States.

The goal of most Mary Baldwin students is to find a meaningful job in the work force. To prepare for the world of work, political science majors finish their undergraduate degree by researching and writing a major project, the senior thesis. In recent years, students have moved on to diverse fields of post graduate experience.