A Message from Dr. Pamela Fox

for the 2015–16 academic year

president pamela fox, photo by Sera Petras

Welcome to a new academic year full of potential and possibility. This year’s college-wide theme, Moment, encourages us to be fully present in all of the instances that define and enrich life at Mary Baldwin. As you begin or continue your journey here, your individual moments connect with others’ experiences, shaping a community that celebrates diverse opinions and welcomes the spirited dialogue that advances understanding.

Mary Baldwin offers hundreds of ways for you to “seize the moment” during this academic year. That familiar phrase might compel you to stretch your comfort zone by studying abroad for the first time or taking on a service project that will make a world of difference to others. It might give you the courage to tackle a rigorous research project, run for election to the Student Government Association, audition for an MBC theatre production, or raise your hand in class to ask a question. By being “Boldly Baldwin,” you will find your moment to shine.

“Moment” can also mean importance or significance in the sense of “momentousness.” Your time — your moments — here at Mary Baldwin will likely be more important to you later in your life than you now realize, and meaningful in ways none of us can predict. So cherish and take full advantage of your college experience.

As president of this empowered and evolving college, I challenge you to consider what it truly means to be “in the moment” and how mindfulness allows you glean the most from your education. Know that your professors, staff members, and college administrators will applaud your triumphant moments and guide you through the tricky ones.

Dr. Pamela Fox
Mary Baldwin College President