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A Message from Dr. Pamela Fox

for the 2013–14 academic year

president pamela fox, photo by Sera PetrasWelcome to a new academic year filled with energy and possibilities. This year’s college-wide theme, Courage, invites us to challenge ourselves and those around us, tapping our potential to change the world. Our collective courage begins quietly here, on this historic and progressive campus, and builds upon shared values and timeless traditions to extend to the broader community.

Mary Baldwin College’s dynamic history is rich with courageous moments. From its founding as an institution that places front and center higher education for women to the creation of the nation’s first all-female student corps of cadets, courage is an undeniable part of the Baldwin DNA. This is the spirit that empowers students to take their place in the world as confident, compassionate changemakers.

There are numerous ways for you to define your personal courage as a student. You may find your voice in an MBC theatre production or as a member of the Student Government  Association. You might finally overcome hesitation about traveling abroad or realize that you can tackle a research project that would have intimidated you a year ago. There are countless ways for you to learn while contributing to this vibrant academic community. Explore how far courage can take you.

This Student Handbook contains many resources that will help you navigate your Mary Baldwin College education. The Honor Code, Pledge of Inclusive Community, and Student Government Association Constitution provide a foundation to support your learning. The academic calendar, directory, and weekly planner are tools that will help organize the daily details while you focus on preparing for the future.

It is with courageous vision that I enter my second decade as president of this college, embracing our dynamic partnerships while preserving fundamental traditions. Know that your professors, staff members, college administrators, and all members of the MBC family support you and the brave choices you will make this year.

Dr. Pamela Fox
Mary Baldwin College President