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“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 

Cognition lab 

At Mary Baldwin’s cognition lab, we seek to understand how our minds work across the lifespan. In particular, we are interested in the functions of working memory and creativity. Research in the lab focuses on how basic behavioral tasks can give us insight into these core human abilities.

Working memory is a key part of our daily lives, allowing us to organize and study information, from remembering a phone number to keeping track of those items on your grocery list. Our lab focuses on forgetting in this short-term setting: why (and how) does it happen? Can we avoid it? And how does the aging process influence our ability to recall information in the short-term?

Creativity is a fascinating construct: exactly what is it and how should we study it? Our lab seeks to determine what cognitive abilities or aptitudes may underlie creative abilities.

Are you interested in becoming a participant in cognitive research at Mary Baldwin? If so, please contact Dr. Kimberly Craig at 540-887-7218, or email