Public History


“Studying at Mary Baldwin and in the public history minor has allowed me to explore my interest in history in a new and innovative way. Opportunities exist inside and outside of the classroom to engage in the study of history. Whether working in an archive or studying in the library, I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Mary Baldwin College. Because of my experiences, I have gained greater knowledge not only of historical events but how they are preserved and told to students today. All of these skills I plan to utilize in graduate school and in my career as a museum professional.”
Jill Hartley ’08

“The public history minor at Mary Baldwin College is highly beneficial for students who wish to pursue careers in history outside the classroom, like myself. The minor enables students to learn about oral history, historic preservation, museum studies, public relations within a museum, and much more. I prefer a hands-on approach to history. Without this minor, I would not have been aware of the many possibilities, be it through preservation, conservation, or restoration, to explore my love of history.”
Kimberly Zajac ’09

“The minor in public history provides students with the chance to see and experience the ways in which their interest in history can be put to use in the “real world.” Before coming to Mary Baldwin, I would not have been able to tell you the first thing about public history. Yet I have been fascinated by museums and involved with historic preservation my entire life. With the public history minor, I now have the opportunity to unite my interests in ways I had not previously considered.”
Logan Dill ’11