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MBC Student Organizations you participated in:

  1. Mary Baldwin College (MBC) Performing Dance Group
  2. MBC Senate Proxy
  3. MBC Christian Student Union (CSU) President/Treasurer
  4. Kuumba Players
  5. Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Leadership Series Graduate
  6. MBC Ethics Bowl (VFIC) Team Member
  7. MBC Panel on Diversity and Inclusive Community (Panel Member)
  8. MBC Inter-Club Council
  9. Alpha Lambda Delta
  10. Omicron Delta Kappa
  11. Phi Beta Kappa

Hello! My name is Christian B. Peele and in May 2005 I proudly graduated from Mary Baldwin College with a BA in religion. Before I became an MBC student, ‘majoring in religion’ never crossed my mind – not even once! I indeed a person of faith and I loved learning about God, but studying religion for four years straight? I didn’t even know such a thing was possible! Thankfully, my MBC path led me to study religion – this was a life-changing decision that literally changed the ways I understand the world around me.

During my sophomore year of college I took my first religion course. I enrolled in the course hoping for an ‘easy A’ and a quick fulfillment of a general education requirement. I gained so much more! The course surprised me and captivated me. The course material was so full – incorporating different themes and disciplines like anthropology, sociology, history, and even science! I was also fascinated by the fact that the course material was not far removed from the realities of life – the course was not a lofty, academic exercise that lacked a sense of practical application. Rather, the course spoke to the inextricable link between faith and daily living. By taking more courses in religion, and eventually pursuing a religion major, I learned a great deal about the beauty and truth of faith, the meaning of culture, and myself!

Majoring in religion was a great experience because of the available classes, but also because of the available faculty. The Department of Philosophy and Religion is made up of a very strong, brilliant group of scholars. The professors are stunningly brilliant – their writings and words always challenged me to think more deeply about my studies. Yet, they were also kind and readily available whenever I needed answers to an academic question or even advice about my future. I was blessed to build a relationship of trust with the faculty of the department. I trusted their wisdom, their guidance, and their chastisements. My major in religion was enhanced by the fact that I was able to learn and glean from many wonderful mentors.

I am now a student at Duke Divinity School where I’m pursuing my Master of Divinity degree. I am having the time of my life! From sun-up to sun-down, I am constantly reading, discussing, and/or writing about my passions – faith and culture. Due to the solid and broad foundation I gained through my major at MBC, I felt well prepared to begin graduate studies. My major introduced me to a world filled with endless possibilities that I now continue to explore! While majoring in religion at MBC, I was challenged to read Kantian philosophy, write about the relationship between science and religion, think about the existence or non-existence of race, and even discuss the intricate details of the book of Mark. Each experience challenged me to grow as a student and as a person of faith, and that same motivation still fuels me today.

Christian Brooke Peele ’05 (PEG)
Full-Time Student / Public Speaker (Teaching/Preaching)