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Getting funded is a multi-stage process that involves:

  1. Evaluating your interests and needs;
  2. Defining short-, medium-, and long-term needs;
  3. Possibly conducting pilot work (gathering preliminary data; attending a conference or sponsored seminar; traveling to a special collection);
  4. Turning a need into a project;
  5. Researching and evaluating potential funders;
  6. Writing and submitting a proposal according to a funder’s guidelines;
  7. – probably revising that proposal and resubmitting; and, finally,
  8. Receiving the award and completing the project.

You may have a general idea in mind – for instance, continuing the line of research you did for your dissertation – or a very specific need – to acquire a particular piece of equipment. In either case, you should think through all the preliminary stages of proposal development (#1 to #5, above) in order to give context and credibility to your effort.

This section of the web site includes information that will help you through those steps. At all times, you should feel free to contact SPUR for additional assistance. For proposal submission and clearance procedures, see the Proposal Preparation and Submission and Research Compliance sections.