Funding for Student Research and Research Travel

The Mary Baldwin College Summer Research Fellows Program provides support for teams of MBC faculty and undergraduate students to work collaboratively on projects that involve substantial research, scholarship, or creative activity.  A proposed project may be in any discipline or combination of disciplines provided that it:

  • Is part of a long-term, sustainable direction for the faculty collaborator’s research, scholarship, or creative activity, or has the potential to become so;
  • involves at least one undergraduate student as a significant collaborator and beneficiary, enhancing her/his potential for developing knowledge and fruitful directions for advanced study or a senior project;
  • seeks to involve faculty and students in the dissemination of results through publications, conference presentations, or other appropriate means, as well as through outreach activities to other current and prospective students.

Summer Fellows Brochure
Summer Research Fellows Program Guidelines 2014
Summer Research Fellows Program Application Form 2014

DEADLINE:  2015 deadline will be announced in late fall 2014
APPLICATION FORM:  2015 application forms will be available in late fall 2014

The Arnold Presentation Fund for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (URSC) awards up to $500 for the support of undergraduates who present or co-present the results of research, scholarship, or creative activity conducted at Mary Baldwin College at regional or national discipline-specific conferences.  Prior to receiving support from the Arnold Fund, faculty sponsors must also assist students in investigating additional sources of support.
DEADLINE: Applications accepted at any time.
APPLICATION FORM:  Arnold Presentation Fund Application Form
MORE INFORMATION:  Dr. Lydia Petersson

The MBC Research Writing Awards encourages the early pursuit of scholarly research and recognizes highly accomplished writing that makes use of resources provided through Grafton Library, including special collections and online resources. The paper must have been written to meet the requirements of a course in an academic department or for an independent study for credit at Mary Baldwin College within the previous calendar year.
DEADLINE: Annual, January 31

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship (MARCUS) is an opportunity for undergraduate students from all disciplines to present their research to their peers.  The Office of Sponsored Programs and Undergraduate Research will cover registration fees and transportation costs for accepted students and their faculty sponsors.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship (MARCUS) 2011 (PDF)
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship (MARCUS) 2010 (PDF)
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship (MARCUS) 2009 (PDF)
DEADLINE:  Annual, mid-September
MORE INFORMATION: Dr. Lydia Petersson

The Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges (VFIC) Undergraduate Summer Science Research Fellowships provide a $2,000 stipend for one or two undergraduate students from each member institution to pursue ten weeks of research in the sciences on their own campus. Each student must be nominated by a faculty member, who must agree to supervise the project.
DEADLINE:  Annual, generally in late February
MORE INFORMATION:  Dr. Lydia Petersson

Study Abroad Scholarships.  The Spencer Center maintains a detailed list of internal and external scholarships.


External Sources


The Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) has several programs available for students majoring in science or math.  Students can teach middle and high school students in the laboratory during the summer at one of the Army’s research labs or do their own research.   For more information: and click on “Programs” on the right.

National Science Foundation: Research Opportunities for Undergraduates (REU) Sites Program. This program permits groups of approximately ten undergraduates to work in the research programs of host institutions (usually a major research institution). Each student is associated with a specific research project, in which he/she works closely with the faculty and other researchers. Students are granted stipends and, in many cases, assistance with housing and travel. Undergraduate students supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions.
DEADLINE: Most in early March
For more information:

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Intramural Research Opportunities (INRO) program is looking for students with a passion to improve global health in the 21st century through a research career in allergy, immunology, and infectious diseases. During a 4-day program, students will hear lectures from world-renowned scientists and interview for potential research training positions at the Institute’s Maryland and Montana laboratories.
Deadline: August 15–October 15
For more information:

Mountain Lake Biological Station’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and brings undergraduate students from around the country together for an exciting ten-week summer program of guided, but independent, original research in field biology.
DEADLINE: February 20
For more information:

The Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN) Travel Awards & Research Fellowships:  provides $500 travel fellowships to outstanding undergraduates who are presenting research results at the SBN annual meeting.
DEADLINE: February
For more information:
Contact: Louise Freeman, Psychology Department

The Leonard M. Rieser Research Fellowship is sponsored by The Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science and annually provides three to five awards of $2,500 each to undergraduate students seeking to explore the connections between science, global security, and public policy (science students are especially encouraged to apply). Students’ academic interests, extracurricular activities, and career aspirations should demonstrate an interest in the role of scientists in formulating public policy and in addressing global security policy challenges.
DEADLINE: December 7
For more information:

The Virginia Service Training for Environmental Progress (STEP) Program is seeking applications from juniors, seniors or recent graduates who are interested in helping community groups study, understand, and work toward resolving water-resource issues.
DEADLINE: February
For more information:

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC): Summer Research Internships offers undergraduate and beginning graduate students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the fields of environmental research and education. This program enables students to work on specific projects under the direction of SERC’s professional staff and is tailored to provide the maximum educational benefit to each participant.
DEADLINE: February 1
For more information:

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships Program (US Dept. of Energy) places students in paid internships in science and engineering at any of several Department of Energy facilities. Many of the participants in the program have decided on a career in science and engineering because of the nature of the experience. Students work with scientists or engineers on projects related to the laboratories’ research programs.
DEADLINE: October 1s (Web site starts taking applications)
For more information:

Summer Biomedical Research Internships Program (University of Pennsylvania) provides an intense research experience to students interested in graduate study in the biomedical and biological sciences. Interns complete ten weeks of full-time laboratory research, attend state-of-the-art research seminars, and receive career counseling from program faculty and administrators. The program seeks to encourage and prepare talented students to pursue careers in scholarly research.
DEADLINE: November (Web site starts taking applications)
For more information:

Eppley Institute Cancer Research: Summer Fellowships.  Students in the summer program work for 10 weeks doing hands-on cancer research in Eppley Institute laboratories. Students get to try research, learn techniques and new concepts, and work with professional researchers, all while earning a competitive summer salary.
For more information:

Summer Research Experiences at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has several programs available to do biomedical summer research: Exploring Biomedical Research Opportunities (EBRO), VCU Alliance Research Program and the Health Educational Research Opportunities (HERO)
DEADLINE: February 15
For more information:

Summer Research Experiences at NC State University offer hands-on research experiences and seminars on preparing for graduate school.
For more information:

The Ecological Society of America’s SEEDS Undergraduate Research Fellowship promotes ecology opportunities to students that are underrepresented in the profession.
DEADLINE: November 1
For more information:

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M offers internships in ecology, management, and conservation biology. The faculty is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in conservation of biodiversity, natural resource management, and the sustainable use of natural resources.
For more information:

Other links for science internships in biomedical research


Humanities/Social Science

National Endowment for the Humanities Internships applications are accepted on an open continuous basis for volunteer student and other internships. While they are unable to provide paid internships at this time, they are able to provide valuable experience working in program and administrative offices of the Endowment.
For  more information:

The Carter Center Internships. The Carter Center is committed to waging peace, building hope, and fighting disease, and interns have the opportunity to work for Carter Center programs that contribute to this mission. Carter Center interns make vital contributions to the Center’s work. In turn, The Carter Center provides a substantive learning experience that serves as a basis for interns to explore their career options and to develop professional skills.
For more information:

The Roosevelt Institution is a non-profit, non-partisan national network of campus-based student think tanks. Its members conduct policy research on the pressing political issues facing our world, from environmental protection to equality under the law to trade and taxes. The Roosevelt Institution connects the fruits of that research to the policy process, delivering sound, progressive proposals to policymakers and advocacy groups at all levels of government as it organizes, trains, and empowers the next generation of progressive leaders.
For more information:

The State Council for Higher Education in Virginia provides scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students who are 1) interested in class wok pertaining to child care or teaching 2) interested in pursuing a degree not offered by a Virginia institute or 3) who are a military survivor or dependent.
For more information:

The Performance Information Management Service (PIMS) in the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development (OPEPD) is responsible for the development and implementation of ED/Facts/, an initiative to collect, analyze, report, and promote the use of high-quality, kindergarten through grade 12 (K–12) performance data for use in education planning, policymaking, and management decision-making to improve the outcomes of the Nation’s students. PIMS provides unpaid internships to develop and implement EDFacts, an initiative to collect, analyze, report, and promote the use of high-quality, kindergarten through grade 12 (K–12) performance data for use in education planning, policymaking, and management decision-making to improve the outcomes of the Nation’s students.
For more information:
Send resume to:

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Internships at the National Endowment for the Arts are accepted throughout the year in many of the Arts Endowment’s offices on a non-paid basis. This internship offers a national overview of arts activities across the country.
For more information:

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