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IACUC Training

In order to serve on the IACUC committee or work as an animal handler, personnel must complete on-line training through Blackboard.  To do this:

  1. Contact Maria Craig, visiting assistant professor of chemistry, to be enrolled as a student in the IACUC course.
  2. If you are an IACUC member, you must complete the assignments entitled “Working with the IACUC” and “Essentials for IACUC Members.”
  3. If you are an animal handler, you must complete the assignment entitled “Working with the IACUC.” You may also be asked by your supervisor to read “Working with Rats and Mice.”
  4. Prior to taking the test(s), you must follow the link to the AALAS Learning Library by right-clicking on the URL and opening in a new window. Select “Course” at the bottom and then “Continue without Logging In.” Read through all lessons in that course.
  5. After you have read the lessons, go back into Blackboard, click on the heading of the appropriate section, and take the test. DO NOT take the exam on the AALAS website. It will NOT be recorded, and you’ll have to take the test again in Blackboard.