Fall 2015 Classes

FALL 2015 Courses… 

IMPORTANT NOTE ON  ALL TEXTBOOKS: All textbooks will be available through the college bookstore website.  If you order from an outside vendor, please be sure that you order the correct edition of your textbook. The edition number follows the title in the textbook lists below. Which edition you choose DOES make a difference.  Your quizzes and exams are keyed to the edition listed.  BEWARE: If you find a book that is really cheap, it’s probably an outdated edition.  The ISBN numbers and pictures on the covers, also noted below, assist in getting the correct edition.

ARTH 101: Survey of Art in Western Europe The Ancient World Deming 105  TTh 9:25-10:40 Syllabus will be posted on Blackboard The first of three introductory courses in the history of western art, this course covers Western European Art from the the Cave through Byzantium and Islam.  We analyze painting, sculpture, architecture, manuscript illuminations and decorative arts, endeavoring to place them in the context for which these objects were created, making every effort to understand the art as those who created it intended. Important differences distinguish the various times and places, but vital continuities tie the periods to each other and to our world today. Upon completion of the class, you will be an informed observer of art, with the ability to discuss and write about art in an historical context. Moreover, you will develop your skills in areas of organization, logical thinking, and good writing.  Arth 101 is an entry-level, general education course with no prerequisites. Although this is the first of three courses, they do not need to be taken in chronological order. The Art Department offers a bus trip to the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Arth 101, 102, and 103 are required for a major in art history.

REQUIRED TEXT:  Stokstad & Cothren. Art History 5th edition, Pearson-Prentice-Hall. Stokstad5th ISBN-10: 0205949487 • ISBN-13: 9780205949489.  If you own the 4th edition, you may use that one — it will work, although the quizzes are keyed to the 5th edition. Some (not a lot) of the material could be different.  Pearson Learning offers a subscription to an online version and an e-book option. the ebook and a new textbook both come with a subscription to MyArtsLab, which offers study guides and videos that  I HIGHLY recommend.

Optional: Sylvan Barnet. Writing About Art, ISBN-13:  9780205708253. ISBN numbers do matter!! Click this link or look on Blackboard for an explanation of options for your textbook. ARTH 101 book options-5th ed.


REN 100: Defining the Renaissance: TTh 1:30-2:40 Deming105. Defining the Renaissance provides a survey of the history  art, literature,
and science of the period, which extends from c.1300-1650. Activities extend from lectures to field trips, including the National Gallery of Art ($15) and the Blackfriar’s Playhouse (one performance free).

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Henry M. Sayre.  The Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change, Volume I Plus 0205996205NEW MyArtsLab — Access Card Package, 3/E©2015 • Pearson • Paper Bound with Access Card, 744 pp. ISBN-10: 0205996205 • ISBN-13: 9780205996209.   1: Be sure you order the 3rd edition and you need only Volume I. Tests will be keyed to that text. (A first and a third edition are also available, so don’t buy these)  2. be sure the ISBN matches.

STITAH_11_NY (78)edINT 213: Technical Art History Pearce 312 Wed. 6-8:30 PM

Technical Art History is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of works of art that employs scientific and art historical methods. This hands-on course replicates traditional artists’ studio practices, introducing students to a variety of artistic media, methods, and analytic tools to enable them to consider how materials and techniques influenced creative practices. It also introduces them to how technical studies might inform art historical research, art conservation, and connoisseurship.
Taught by Dr. Sara James and Dr. Lundy Pentz

The course is an honors course, but we would make exceptions for strong art history and studio art students. Contact Dr. James for further information.

Books: Daniel V. Thompson. The Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting. Dover GettyPublications, $12.95  ISBN 10:0486203271

Tiarna Doherty and Anne T. Woollett. Looking at Paintings: A Guide to Technical Terms, Revised Edition (Getty Publications, 2009), ISBN 978-0-89236-972-0, pa, $18.95  (100 pages, 6 1⁄4 x 9 1⁄4 in, 71 color, 7 b/w ill.)


Ape Reading in the Library of Antonio Alberi at OrvietoARTH 400/ARTM 400: Senior Seminar in Art History and Arts Management team taught by Dr. Marlena Hobson and Dr. Sara James Meeting Place: Seminar Room, Chris House, 233 Sycamore Street 1.5 semester hours credit each in fall and spring semester Time: TBA Textbooks: Turabian, Kate. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 7th edition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press ISBN-13: 9780226823379; You need this in the new edition, as it has updated information on citing electronic sources. Sylvan Barnet. Writing About Art.  Or another a good style manual, and a good dictionary.

Other Possibilities:

Honors Seminar: Technical Art History

Freshman seminar

Renaissance Cities: Florence


Prepare for May Term:

May Term in Italy 2016 Awaits you!  ARTH 243: Renaissance Studies in Italy   

Pisa10_edited-1Apply through the Spencer Center. Note that an application and $1000 deposit are due October 15, 2015.   Approximate cost: $4,200. final amount depends on the number of participants.  For more information, including required prerequisite classes, see my May Term page (link above) or contact me by email or phone. Parents are welcome to inquire on behalf of their daughters.