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School of Science Science

Curiosity drives scientists. They don’t just want to know what something does, but how and why. They not only solve problems, they investigate and analyze them at every step along the way. Then, they use what they’ve learned to educate and inform.

In the School of Science, we focus on using research as a learning tool, in the classroom and in individual research projects. Faculty encourage students to use research instruments usually inaccessible to undergrads, developing skills most students don’t learn until the graduate level.

Laboratory experiences aren’t limited to the classroom. Thanks to MBC’s unique location, students have the opportunity to work in a lab that’s larger than life — the Shenandoah Valley. Explore the area’s national forests and state parks to learn about the region’s plants, animals, and landscapes first-hand.


Our commitment to undergraduate research is deeper than the typical large institution’s. Students at MBC have the practical advantage of access to lab space, instrumentation, and faculty collaboration. At other colleges and universities, you generally won’t find labs that are dedicated to student research. At MBC, you will.
–Dr. Karl Zachary, associate professor of chemistry