Emergency Communication Procedures

Baldwin Alert Messages

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The safety and well-being of our entire community is a top priority at Mary Baldwin College. Being prepared to respond and to communicate rapidly with students, faculty, and staff in a potential emergency is crucial, and our emergency communication procedures are designed to do just that.

If Mary Baldwin College becomes aware of any situation that poses serious imminent danger to students, faculty, staff, or visitors on campus it will, without delay, determine appropriate content of emergency communication and initiate the campus notification process (unless such notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or mitigate the emergency).

Note: The following emergency communication procedures apply only to the main campus in Staunton. Emergencies at MBC regional centers are handled by authorities in those locations.

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation on campus involving an imminent or present threat to health or safety, Mary Baldwin College follows this procedure:

  • Deploy the campus siren system, which sounds an alarm that can be heard outside buildings throughout campus and inside some buildings. This step is completed only if the imminent danger is truly severe.
  • Deploy the Baldwin Alert Messages system (BAM) which sends text, email, and voice messages to
    • The BAM@mbc.edu email list, which includes all mbc.edu email addresses of current faculty, students, and staff.
    • Additional email addresses, phone numbers, and mobile phone numbers for SMS submitted by current students and employees
  • Send a voice message to all landline phone numbers on the main campus in Staunton
  • Activate the web alert feature on www.mbc.edu, which displays alert information when anyone accesses the website
  • Record a voice message for the publicly available emergency information line, 540-887-7378, with the same information regarding the situation.

Whom to contact in case of emergency:
For all emergencies, dial 911 immediately
To reach campus security, call 540-887-7000 or dial 0 from any campus phone, including security phones

College officials responsible for emergency response and communication:

Executive Vice President for Business and Administration, and Incident Commander (David Mowen)
Vice President for Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs (Crista Cabe)
Director of Safety and Security (Thomas Byerly)
Director of Facilities Management (Brent Douglass)
Highest-ranking security officer on duty

In each case, appropriately trained staff members are designated back-up in case the individuals listed above are not available.

Mary Baldwin College works very closely with local emergency officials. Confirmation of and/or response to a significant emergency almost always involves close coordination and communication with them.

Mary Baldwin Emergency Communication Procedures policy document