Sexuality and Gender Studies


The Sexuality and Gender Studies discipline offers courses which provide a model for interdisciplinary teaching, pedagogical experimentation, and an attempt to understand and bridge human differences based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, social class, and ethnicity. Understanding the conceptual differences and intersections between sexuality and gender contribute to the discourse throughout the minor. A broad spectrum of social science disciplines contribute to  better understanding the inequities and cultural power struggles inherent in identities designated by both the sexual binary of male and female, and the gendered binary of masculinity and femininity.

In congruence with Mary Baldwin College’s Strategic Plan the Sexuality and Gender Studies program provides students with the opportunity to examine new scholarship, engage in undergraduate research and prepare for futures that can make students agents of change as they become leaders at universities, businesses and communities where they can help bridge understandings of the range of variations among men and women based on concepts of race, ethnicity, social class, age, and sexual orientation and gender. Students in this program will develop foundational, critical, and creative thinking skills. Program outcomes are exemplified through the education of our graduates; tomorrow’s civic and global leaders. Engaging in course work in the minor enhances each student’s understanding of not only our differences, but our universal commonality in trying to address some of our most pressing social issues.